When someone is thinking about suicide

Conversations Matter when someone is thinking about suicide

I am worried someone I know may be thinking about suicide. What do I say? What do I do?

Many of us will notice changes in people around us and get the feeling that “something is not right”. You may not want to say anything for fear of making the situation worse or because you don’t know what to say if they confirm your concerns. While these conversations can be very difficult and confronting, there is a lot you can do.

This resource will give you basic tips to help you talk to someone you are worried may be thinking about suicide.

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Conversations Matter when someone is thinking about suicide

You can download the resource as a fact sheet or an audio podcast by using the links below.

To hear Jaelea Skehan, Director of Everymind, give a brief overview of how to talk to someone bereaved by suicide, you can stream or download the CBAA podcast below, courtesy of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.

Fact sheet - When someone is thinking about suicide
Podcast (female voice) - Thinking about suicide
Short podcast 1 (male voice) - Thinking about suicide
CBAA Podcast - When someone we know is struggling
Services and supports
Useful training
LivingWorks Australia
Targeted training for communities, caregivers and professionals
Mental Health First Aid
Training for those assisting adults, young people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Vietnamese communities with mental health problems or in a mental crisis
Rural Adversity Mental Health Program
Training for individuals, communities and workplaces in rural NSW


The Conversations Matter resources have been developed by Everymind based on a set of core principles developed through a research Framework. Information about background research and specific references used can be found HERE.